Monday, March 10, 2008

And Trade with the ChiComms benefits the US how again?

I have long been troubled at times, with various levels of concern, about the US increasing dependence on China for manufactured goods. I can understand the appeal of Chinese made goods, namely the low price, but what I fail to get is that far too many American businesspeople ignore or downplay that the Chinese Government runs or manages most if not all of the manufacturing enterprises, While the powers that be in China are no longer strict Communists in the 20th century economic sense, neither does the evidence indicate that the Chinese government gives a flip about individual human rights. Neither apparently do they seem to understand the concept of quality control. As if last years incident where Chinese made pet food ingredient's were contaminated by melamine which caused many dog deaths in 2007, now the popular Blood thinner Heparin has been recalled in the US, Japan and Germany, and it is suspected that a key ingredient, made in China, is a fake chemical that has likely contributed to 18 deaths and many more allergic reactions.

If indeed this turns out to be another example of Chinese quality control, perhaps it is time to re-think all trade with China.


MTNotes said...

"American businesspeople ignore or downplay that the Chinese Government"

-I can't help but think that the general idea of 'anything goes' in the business world has to have some kind of source as a stereotype for how business is practiced. In other words - Hollywood may often portray situations, circumstances, occupations, etc. over the time (Bruce Willis as a NY cop in Die Hard), but I wouldn't be shocked if a businessman like Gordon Gecko from Wallstreet is somewhat common.

That being said, it usually comes down to the _______ bottom line and the $ almighty dollar?

Not saying I agree with it.