Monday, February 11, 2008

Musical Monday II

One of my favorite sayings by Martin Luther is, and I paraphrase,
" There are two days on my calendar - this day and That day".

One of the things I try to do is live my life around that idea. Today is many times way more than I can deal with, let alone tomorrow. And I have found it much easier to live each day in light of what I believe "That day" is - a day sometime to come when I will stand before God and give an account of how I spent my life. Now I do not say this as something fearful in the sense that I have to have lived a life perfectly in order to win God's favor, because I have put all my chips in the basket of trusting Christ's sacrificial grace (and if that makes no sense to you and you want to know what the heck I mean, leave a comment). But it does mean that I strive to keep my focus on what really matters in life.

As to what that may mean regarding something musical, here it is. While I have mentioned that I cannot stand much of what Garth Brooks has recorded, there are a few songs that I really like of his, and this is one of them (Lyrics here). When it comes to my relationship to my wife, I am really truly desiring that, when That Day comes, that I can say with no reservation that I did everything I could to show her that I loved her, and that so far as it depended on me, there will be no doubt in her mind that I showed that love for her every day in every way I can.

Pandora's top 5 songs similar to "If Tomorrow Never comes"

  1. Still on a Roll by Moe Bandy
  2. Run by George Strait
  3. Ten Years of This by Gary Stewart
  4. The Note by Daryle Singletary
  5. Rise and Shine by Ronnie Dove


Cindy said...

Great blog you have here!

The Moose said...

Why thank you. I happen to think so myself.

Princess Jami said...

Aw... /sniffle